Real Propaganda


Great to read.  This is taking rounds in the social media and I have received it over and over from my enthusiastic friends.  Nothing wrong to feel that one’s motherland is great (I proudly proclaim that I am “Made in India”).

Like all those who proudly forwarded this image to me, I also fully believed it, especially when it came from our social and religious leaders.  One always thought that the clergy would speak the truth, at least while standing in the pulpit of the church.  The case with other religions must also be the same.

My perceptions underwent a sea change after landing in Canada and especially after our daughter graduated from high school and our niece graduated from the Toronto University as a chemical engineer.

Once I heard a bishop of our church sermonising that marriages and divorce take place in the West like drinking a cup of tea.  The reality is that the bride and the groom have to bear the expenses of the wedding (cheapest I ever attended would have cost them over $50,000).  That is why they do not throw money at anything and everything during a marriage as shown in many Indian movies.  Who cares, it is my dad’s money (baap ka paisa).  A divorce will also cost a similar amount.  That must be the reasons for many a live-in relationships here.

Like all other religious leaders, our bishops have a very narrow perspective about the West.  They all come here only to pocket the dollars and they go back home and tell a totally different story.  Recently I asked a 70 year old bishop from our church visiting here as to whether he is not affected by jet lag.  I have a terrible time for a week after I go through the ordeal of 16 hours of flying and resetting of my biological clock after every journey home and back.  Jet lag or no jet lag, he seemed interested only in the dollars he could extract, otherwise I do not see any reason for the frequent visit of our bishops here.  They do not want to go visiting our brethren in Nigeria or Uganda – the exchange rate is not Rs 60 to a dollar.  They do not want to visit the soldiers defending the nation in the borders as there is hardly any money and also they are shit scared.

In case 38% doctors in the US are Indians, what are the Chinese doing?  Selling Chow Mein?  In October 2011, the Toronto Star reported the case of a taxi driver who performed an emergency delivery on an Air India flight from New Delhi to Toronto, turning a passenger cabin into a birthing room within minutes and improvising with makeshift instruments.  For 25 years this man worked as a pediatrician in India, treating thousands of children, saving many lives.

There are at least 7,500 internationally trained doctors in Ontario, Canada but fewer than 200 can get residency spots because they have to compete with young Canadians.  The internationally trained doctors have to recertify and also pass the licensing examination like the Canadian graduates.  The pass percentage of Canadian graduates is pretty high and that of internationally trained doctors abysmally low, as the Canadian graduates are more familiar with the language and the system.  Similar is the case with most health related professions like the pharmacist and nurses.

My wife Marina once said that the main reason that she managed to qualify the pharmacist licensing examination here is that she accepted that she did not know the system and the language and she started to relearn from scratch.  She completed her pharmacy graduation an year after our marriage and did not work in India and this she says did not set in any practices (good or bad) in her.  Thus it was easier to restart and relearn.

I attended the graduation ceremony of our niece at the Toronto University where the top 10 graduates from each discipline was called on to the stage and were handed over the degree.  A vast majority of those who came on to the stage were of Oriental origin.  Similar was the case when our daughter graduated from her high school.

Our son attends “Gifted Children“ programme in high school where all students with a superior ability to grasp concepts and make connections are segregated and put into a separate class.  The segregation is done after they complete grade 4.  In his class also it is about 70% children with Oriental origin.  Two of our nieces who graduated from medical schools in US said that the situation there is not any different.

NASA for sure will never divulge the nationality or demography of its scientists as would be the case with ISRO – they will never give out a state-wise list of their scientists.  Racial profiling of employees is considered unethical in North America and no company or institution will ever do it as it may attract many a legal battles.

While opening the Adobe Photoshop recently, the opening screen froze on my computer for a minute.  The screen had the names of all those who developed the software and no Indian name figured.  Either all those Indians working there are Syrian Christians with English names or Indians who adopted English names.  People of Oriental Origins have an English Adopted name as their names would be unpronounceable.

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