Where will the Air Conditioner Go?


On reaching Devlali, our unit’s permanent location after the deployment in the operational area for about 10 months, I ordered the purchase of a window air-conditioner (AC). After two days the AC arrived and was placed in front of the main office complex. That day I went to the unit and the Subedar Major (Senior Warrant Officer) with the Havildar Major (Sergeant Major) and the Second-in-Command (2IC) Late Col Suresh Babu were waiting for me.

My question to everyone present was “Where will this AC go”?  Subedar Major Thangaswamy said “knowing you well, surely not to your office, sir – we need to find a place for it”. Someone suggested the Medical Inspection (MI) Room and someone else suggested the Regimental Information Room and someone pointed at the Dining Hall of the soldiers.

My contention was that one window AC will not suffice for either the Information Room or the Dining Hall and the MI Room the Nursing Assistant will lock it up and leave early morning with the sick parade to the Military Hospital and hence no one will be able to use it. Anyhow, I told everyone to ponder over the question and come out with an answer after consulting their men, the next day.

We had a nice barber’s chair in the Barber Shop and by that time I had received the consignment of hair-washing station, blow dryers, latest electrically operated barber tools, set of cosmetics, etc through an old colleague and dear friend from 75 Medium Regiment (my Parent Regiment) – Veteran Major Kaushik. Maj Kaushik, after leaving the army is running a high-end hair replacement business called “The Marchers International (http://www.marchers.in/ )”.

I took the consignment I had received from Major Kaushik along and headed straight to the barber shop with Colonel Babu. I instructed everyone about the layout of the barber shop and the usage of all the new equipment and cosmetics. The package had a high powered music system too. I then pointed to the window and said that the AC will find a place there. It surprised everyone.

My logic was that it is only the barber shop that any soldier can enter at anytime without any formalities and either of the barbers would be available in the unit all throughout. The soldiers really enjoyed the cool air from the AC and also the haircuts with the hair-wash becoming an instant hit.

The barber shop was provided with all sorts of cream – face, skin and hair creams and also shampoo and conditioners.  The SM’s contention was that the soldiers would misuse it.  My view was that they may misuse it once or at most twice, after which they will get used to it.  The barber was instructed to refill anything and everything that ran out from the regimental Canteen and the same was to be charged off from the Regimental fund.  As time progressed, the expenditure on creams and shampoos came down drastically after the initial two months.

After a year, Captain Nagaraj Shetty was posted to the unit. He being a bachelor, moved into the Officers’ Mess and I found him ideal to be appointed the Adjutant of the unit. Adjutant is a staff officer who assists the Commanding Officer and is in charge of the organisation, administration and discipline of a unit. Adjutant has to be available at all times and is generally always on the run. Who else would fit in the role of an Adjutant better than a hardworking, enthusiastic and intelligent bachelor Captain.

After meeting me on arrival, Captain Shetty went to his room in the Officers’ Mess. Prior to leaving the unit, he had called our Barber, Naik (Corporal) Puran Singh. Puran Singh walked in smartly, saluted the new Adjutant to be told that he should report to Captain Shetty’s room at 3 PM to give him a good soldierly haircut. Naik Puran Singh immediately told Captain Shetty that the new Adjutant must come to his ‘office’ for a haircut.

This shocked Captain Shetty, but he maintained his cool, being the very first day in a new unit, decided to visit Naik Puran Singh’s ‘office’ at the appointed time. On reaching the ‘office’ Captain Shetty realised why Naik Puran Singh had summoned him there. Captain Shetty had never in his life seen such a luxurious and well equipped barber shop, even in five-star hotels he had been to.

This incident was narrated to me by Captain Shetty two years after I reached Canada. He said that on the very first day he realised that this unit was something ‘different’ and all men were really motivated, confident and professionally skilful.

After I moved out of the unit, the AC moved out of the Barber Shop.

4 thoughts on “Where will the Air Conditioner Go?

  1. Your last sentence says everythiing about the Army culture. In stead of building on what a previous CO has contributed to the unit, the successor thinks what a stupid idea to have AC in a barber’s shop. The right place is in the CO’s office where a large number of visitors come. Do not be surprised such ideas are given to the new CO by some of the officers, SM of the unit to curry favour with the CO.

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    • Good, reji
      That was nice.
      Unfortunetely people dont think alike!
      Your way of motivation may not apeal to the new person
      Difficult to maintain the continuity, but the culture would remain!
      Warm regds

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