Born in a Syrian Orthodox Christian family in Kottayam, Kerala, India.  Studied till Grade 4 in the village school in Kottayam and was selected to join Sainik School, Amaravathi Nagar (TN) in 1971.  Completed Grade 11 in 1978 and joined National Defence Academy (61 Course).  Commissioned to 75 Medium Regiment (Artillery – Indian Army) in 1982.

Traveled all through India during various army assignments.  Attended Long Gunnery Staff Course and Technical Staff Course.  Commanded a Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment and bid good-bye to the army in 2004 to join the family in Canada and is presently a Canadian citizen, enjoying a retired life.

Interests include gardening, cooking, reading and writing.

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  1. Hi, what prompted you to turn a Canadian citizen after serving your Mother Land? As you have been talking about struggles and restrictions as a migrant in Canada, We would be happy to welcome back you with your family to God’s Own Country. I am sure, you won’t dare to do that as you have tasted money and quality life there. Nor your children and grandchildren would dare to take the quality of education offered by MG University kind of institutions here.

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  2. Hi Reji,
    Here’s wishing you and your family the very best in all your endeavours.
    I enjoy reading your blog, it is very interesting, entertaining and informative.
    You truly have a way with words. Keep it up! Take care & God bless you and your family. Cheers

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  3. Hi Reji nice to read your blog about my classmate Maj Gen Sanjay Thapa from KV Nashik Road Camp before he went to NDA he was brilliant kid in studies and sports too he lived in Haig Lines and we both often went to School together he always met me in Devlali when ever he was there for training last time I met him in Devlali was 1993 he was Lt.Col then and was living across MH I am from Devlali and migrated to Canada in 94, Thank you for sharing nice memories you are great blogger give him my best regards please send me your contact info if possible


  4. Hi Sir,

    I was looking online for my father’s old English teacher’s name (Miss Murphy) and I came across your blog. It felt really nostalgic to read it as it seemed similar to my late father’s words.

    My father was one of the first students of SSA and we have visited Miss Murphy on her farm a few times over the years. I feel privileged to know her in some small way and to have had the opportunity to run around the dam and grounds of SSA.

    I recently moved to Canada myself so it feel comforting and homely to read your ongoing memoir which is so similar to my dad 🙂

    My regards


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