RIP Mr KM Koshy (KMK)

When we reached Grade 8 at Sainik School Amaravathinagar, we graduated to the senior houses – Chera, Chozha, Pandya and Pallava – named after the historic Thamizh kingdoms.  The House Masters were the iconic figures of the school with Mr MV Somasundaram, the rationalist, at Chera House;  Mr M Selvaraj, the Thamizh Maestro at Chozha House; Mr PT Cherian, the man for all seasons, at Pandya House and Mr KM Koshy, the chemistry specialist, at Pallava House.  All of our classmates for sure will surely cherish what they have leant from these iconic teachers.

I have written about them in my earlier Blog Posts (Please Click on the links):-

Mr MV Somasundaram

Mr M Selvaraj

Mr PT Cherian

SRamanujan Skit Gp Photo

Mr KM Koshy headed the Chemistry Department of the School till he emigrated in 1977 while we were in Grade 10.  He was an outstanding Chemistry teacher and he made the most complicated organic chemistry bonds look simple and easy to understand for us. 

He was actively involved with all the extra-curricular activities of the school and was a great actor.  The above image where Mr Koshy is standing in the middle, is of the Play on Ramanujan, directed by MrVekitesha Murthy and staged in 1977 to mark the ninetieth birthday of noted Indian Mathematician Ramanujan.  Mr Koshy essayed the role of Professor Hardy to perfection.  Please Click Here to read more about the play.  

He was passionately devoted to Chemistry and  had a rare talent for conveying his fascination to all of us.  He was a teacher who had a wonderful, compassionate way with us and a rare sense of humour that drew us to him.  He  loved Chemistry, especially Organic Chemistry and he made the subject come alive for all of us.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Mr KM Koshy on Monday, 27 February 2017 due to cardiac arrest.  He has gone up to heaven to sit on the right hand side of the Lord, reserved for teachers of eminence .  His son Dr Rajeev Koshy was an year senior to us at School.    

Mr Koshy played a major role in our lives.  He has touched the hearts of a lot us, and the Amaravian Community will never forget him.  Rest In Peace.

11 thoughts on “RIP Mr KM Koshy (KMK)

  1. Reji – As you had put it, Koshy was a great teacher and a wonderful person. He was our house master. My father who was also a teacher after interacting with Koshy sir told me that I am fortunate to have a teacher like Mr. Koshy as your house master. Indeed sad to hear about his demise. I remember him teaching in the class saying with the typical malayali accent ” Apen the glass jar , take some poddassum!”

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  2. Still remember after 5 decades his drawing on of Lavoisier’s experiment of water decomposing into oxygen and inflammable air on the old Chemistry Lab black board. He had a great ‘chemistry’ with his students in his inimitable way and they ‘reacted’ and ‘bonded’ well.

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  3. My tributes to this great Master who taught us the basics of Chemistry. Our fundamentals of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry are still strong and fresh in our brains even after so many years. May his soul Rest in Peace.

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  4. Thanks for the tribute Reji. Still remember the days going to his house during the weekend to sharpen our skills in Interhouse debates and General Knowledge quiz with MGC, Ramki and others. Great teacher indeed.May his soul rest in peace.Send my regards to his family especially Rajeev.

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