Nikhil’s Poems


Here are some poems Nikhil wrote as part of Grade 10 English Assignments.

Order and Chaos
Discipline is the greatest strength
Restraint the greatest virtue
Control is the highest aspiration
Order the only truth
Order is what everyone seeks
Order: a utopian fruit
Disorder is the natural state
Anarchy is the final end
Lawless is the nature of the world
Into chaos we all descend
Chaos is past, present and future
Chaos we can achieve

I am defenseless, I must surrender
I am under your enchantments
You speak and I hear Venus’ voice
You laugh at my inept replies
The philosophers deride
Those who lose to passion
Yet my soul knows what I don’t
I cannot deny this
You are perfect as the rose is perfect
In this game I am green as grass
You are the light which kisses my world
But soon you must be gone
You will move on
Leave me incomplete
I must simply trudge on thereafter
From one heartbreak to the next
In grief to grief, from dust to dust

Time Travel
I used to serve
obeying other’s commands
Now I have tasted command
I can never obey again
I used to plan
deciding on my future
I now live in the moment
planning as i go
I used to consume knowledge
to prove achievement
I now seek wisdom
for the sake of it
I used to fear failure
and facing disappointment
I now fear obscurity
dying not remembered
I used to believe
I knew what I wanted
I now know
I must be willing to change
I used to watch TV
so I could be entertained

I now use what I saw
to entertain others
I was once blind
Stumbling for the truth
But now I see

Bottom of the Bottle
Her love so fierce she couldn’t contain it
She expected to be happy so long
Letters of love so many were writ
Her love a great flag flapping
She could not have known the a lurking
For in the shadows he works
The tiger’s name was her love’s drinking
One of life’s horrid quirks
She forgave his smelling everyday like booze
He said he was sober yet she could tell
She thought life’s game in which I can’t lose
Now she’s in a hell wet not hot
When she has a child her greatest terror
Is he’ll follow his father and commit his error

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