My First Sex Education

During our childhood my brother, the youngest in the family, then aged four, came up with an unusual request. He wanted someone younger to him. It was all because he was at the losing end of all the physical fights we siblings had.  At the time our parents solved the problem by getting him a kid, a goat’s kid, a female one.  That was how goat rearing commenced at our home.

In the evenings, after school, we used to take the goat out into our farmland for grazing.  We had to be on the lookout to ensure that the goat did not forage on the Tapioca (Kasava) cultivation, mainly to save the cultivation and also to save the goat from food poisoning. Little did I then know that the toxicity of the tapioca foliage was due to the presence Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN).    During the Monsoon rains, we had to cut the necessary forage from the trees which acted as support for the black pepper wines.

The kid grew real fast with all the attention and forage that we children heaped on her.  In a year she matured into a beautiful doe and was ready for a mate.  A Doe would come to heat by the end of summer and it lasts for two or three days and the cycle is repeated every three weeks.

In Kerala, the schools reopen after the summer vacations on 01 June but my Alma Mater, Sainik School Amravathinagar, reopens only by 15 June.  During my Grade 7 summer vacation, after the schools reopened for my brothers, our doe bleated one entire night.  In the morning Amma said that the doe is on heat and it is time to mate her.  That day our farm-hand did not turn up as he had pneumonia due to drenching in the monsoon showers the previous day.  I was the only one now free to take the doe for mating.

The village had a tea-shop run by a man named Kuttappai.  The tea-shop served as the meeting place for all village elders and doubled up as a reading room.  All dailies and magazines published from Kottayam found their way there.  It also served as the village ‘parliament’.  It was indeed a house of knowledge, and doubled up as a cultural-political-social-entertainment institution, where anything and everything under the sun – from international relations to state and village politics; science to the Bible; communism to capitalism – were discussed.  Gossips too found their way in, obviously as spicy as the narrator could make it.

Kuttappai reared a flock of goats housed in a thatched shed to the rear of the tea-shop.  He used the milk from the goats to make tea and obviously the village folk relished his special tea.  The flock was led by a majestic buck.  The buck also served as the village stud and Kuttappai charged Rs 10 for every mating.

At about 11 o’ clock, I walked our doe to Kuttappai’s tea shop, as per Amma’s advise because that was the time  when the tea-shop would be empty of customers as people would have returned home after fiery debates and discussions.  Obviously that was the only time Kuttappai would be free to facilitate the mating.

On reaching the tea-shop, Kuttappai instructed me to tie our doe closely on to a coconut tree adjacent to the goat shed.  The smell and sight of the doe in heat made the buck tied in the shed restless and his snorting and kicking increased, at times reaching a violent stage as if he would bring the entire shed down.

After 15 minutes, Kuttappai emerged from his tea-shop.  The buck was tied with a long rope and Kuttappai released him so as to make him reach the doe.  The buck went around the doe, smelled and licked her vulva and when he was about to mount her, Kuttappai pulled him back into the shed and tied him up.  That was a staged foreplay for the buck.

Now the buck had turned real violent as the frequency of his kicking multiplied and the volume of his snorts became louder.  After 10 minutes Kuttappai again released the buck and he came charging in and mounted the doe and the entire mating was completed in a few seconds.  Kuttappai now pulled the buck back into the shed and like a conqueror, the buck stood with his head high, but the tone of his snorts had changed as if to announce his accomplishment.

A doe generally gets into heat in the later part of summer and in Kerala it coincides with the onset of Monsoons (June to September).  There are certain indications the doe gives out when in heat.  Her vulva swells and become red, and she may have some vaginal discharge.    She tends to eat less and become restless because the hormones associated with fertility kick in.  A milk producing doe may decrease her milk production due to the hormonal changes.  Her frequency of tail-wagging suddenly increases and her bleats become longer, especially at night.

During the monsoons when the doe goes into heat, the buck goes into rut.  During rut the buck urinates into his mouth and on his chest, face, and beard, turning them yellow.  The scent glands near his horns become overactive.  These lead to an unbearable stink – in reality the stink is to attract a doe in heat towards him.  During rut a buck would snort, grunt and kick its hind legs.  It tends to give a terrorising look with its upper lip curled up.

In the evening when Amma returned from school I dutifully reported to her the events of the day and posed some uncomfortable questions about the procedure and the need for it.  The School teacher in Amma responded with poise and she summarised the entire event as an act of depositing the sperm by the buck in the doe’s womb where it would fertilise an egg and would result in the formation of an embryo.  She also explained that the rooster and the hens also did the same and so did humans. Thus began my introduction to sex education.

13 thoughts on “My First Sex Education

  1. Superb and daring!
    What a primary school mother teacher could teach her child, probably a teacher from modern day elite school could not have achieved.
    Very well narrated as usual ! Always look fwd to hear from you on varied experiences !

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  2. Asexual Education.
    Reji like you I was on leave from SSM(Sainik School Madras) in the summer of 1966 or 67 at my brother’s village near Srirangam(TN). There was a cow at home (incidentally with the name Laxmi) and was the Aavin then. My nephews were at school and I was tasked by my sister-in-law to take the cow to the village ‘Vet’ for medical exam. His clinic was about 2 km from home. I tried to ‘cower’ in an inaccessible corner. “I thought Sainik School boys ‘can do’ anything” was all she uttered. It was emotional blackmail at its best. I had to bite the bullet. To soften the blow she said that it’s a cake walk as Laxmi was very docile and I can easily lead her by the nose with the ‘male kannukutti(calf)’ in tow. She led Laxmi out of the house and handed over the reins to me. I tried a woe be gone look to bunk this duty. It cut no ice. But my ‘sil’ was made of sterner stuff. She just pointed East and said ‘Git’. As I was leaving she dropped a bomb shell. “Laxmi gets skittish near stray dogs. So be careful”. The Tamil saying’ thalaiku mela vellam pona jann enne muzham enne’ popped in to my mind and off I went East leading Laxmi and her calf by the nose.

    I reached the veterinary clinic in one piece with Laxmi and her kid in tow. The vet knew her by name. He did a double take looking at me and cocked his eyebrows. I explained to him my relationship with Laxmi and the calf and a little bit about self. “Oh Sainik schoola. Nalla schoolnu kelvi patten. Pattalathula seraporiya”. I nodded in the affirmative. “Veterinary is also good as a profession”. I nodded my head for that too. Pleasantries over he directed me to take Laxmi to a small enclosure resembling parallel bars and tie her up. Laxmi was physically immobilized. The calf was tied up in her vicinity. He asked me to stand next to Laxmi’s starboard quarter. He then slipped on a pair of gloves and approached Laxmi’s rear exhaust with a syringe without needle. He asked me to keep Laxmi’s tail lifted till further orders. Then stood on her port quarter and shoved his right hand in the exhaust and invaded her privacy. Laxmi twitched and cried out. The vet’s face looked scrunched up as if he was searching for something with his right hand. He found it and his face cleared and his whole demeanor relaxed. He pulled his hand out and asked me to lower the tail. Exam over. He patted Laxmi on her rump and asked me to take Laxmi home. After washing his hands told me that he had carried out (AI) artificial insemination. I nodded my head once again. Return trip too was smooth sailing. I got a ‘shabash’ from my nephews who had returned from school by then for having done their job. That veterinary experience has made me a ‘Vet’ of different kind now. Sense of Déjà vu?

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  3. Hi Reji, Good one. Reminds me of my similar assignment during school days when I had to take Amminy, the doe to ‘Pulickan’ chettan’s house to get her ‘serviced’ by his buck for Rs.5/. Second servicing’, was free if the first one did not yield the result.

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  4. Kurtapai was the tea brewing entrepreneur who made a Buck from a Buck discharging its fervent duties . This author just caught in the dash and the grind and learnt a humping lesson of life and procreation .That was a holiday well spent by the nature of things . And now well recounted with a wry sense of humour . Buck up with your postings Reji . There are no dearth of stories to be told . Only of pens to pen them .

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  5. Well written and gives some of the basics of goat rearing. You seem to have gotten the basics of sex education the proper way.
    It was entertaining and possibly informative for some. (Being a veterinarian I should know all these.) Thanks for sharing. Not many people share such details.
    Worth reading. Thanks again.


  6. Reminded me of my experience taking our cow for mating with bull and also artificial insemination to the livestock inspector. And that’s how I gained knowledge about human reproduction.


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