Movie Review :  Ennu Swantham Sreedharan – Always Yours Sreedharan

എന്ന് സ്വന്തം ശ്രീധരൻ  ( Ennu Swantham Sreedharan) Always Yours Sreedharan – with English subtitles – is the true depiction of the life of a family in Malabar (North Kerala.)  A must watch.

The movie is co-produced by our friend Suresh Nellikode (our neighbour in Canada) and he has essayed a pivotal role in the movie.

എന്ന് സ്വന്തം ശ്രീധരൻ  (Ennu Swantham Sreedharan) is a great movie watching experience – the best movie I watched in the past 12 months.   While drawing the life of an unsung and unrecognised person or a family on screen, there is a tendency to go overboard and portray them as super-humans.  This movie effectively tells the story of a do-gooder – a true good neighbour – a great family – sincerely and realistically.

The story and the situations in the movie brought back the memories of my grandmother – who too had a troop of oldies – across castes, creeds, and religions.  I used to enjoy them reminiscing about their good-old-days.

When our grandmother came to live in our home – about 12 km from our ancestral home – these oldie-troopers dropped in to spend time with her.  What is depicted in the movie is very close to what I experienced in my childhood.

The role played in the movie by the fish, the train and the never meeting railway tracks are apt for the story and for the occasion.  Every scene and every frame in the movie is well crafted.  My special kudos to the cameraman and director Siddik.

Shihabuddin has narratesthe story (real life of a few people) well and is bound to touch the viewer’s heart.  His lyrics and Muhammed’s are apt for the situation, fits the story and very meaningful. The singers have rendered the songs well and they deserve a special mention.   

Baburaj and Raza’s music score flows with the narration.  Use of natural sounds adds value to the fare.  Subair, the art director has recreated the life on Malabar realistically.

All actors, especially the children and the youth – they stole the show with their subtle acting.  The women – generally used as props in many movies – here everyone has a role to play – from the grandmother to the baby-girl.  Hats off to all the performers. 

Suresh – you deserve an award for the subtle portrayal of Usthad.  You have transformed yourself totally.  My opinion could be since I know the real Suresh.  But the Usthad is not you!!!!

Compliments to Memory Creations for bringing out such a fantastic movie.  Siddik as a director I’m sure will have a fabulous career ahead and will execute many Memorable Creations.

One thought on “Movie Review :  Ennu Swantham Sreedharan – Always Yours Sreedharan

  1. Reji. glad to see you expanding your literary horizons to “CritiQue”. distinct from ‘criticiSM’. as usual, love reading your views on life.


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