Marina & Motorcycle


In 1993, I met with an accident fracturing my right arm, resulting in my right arm being put in a cast for three months.  At that time, I was posted as a Brigade Major at an artillery brigade headquarters.  I owned a Yamaha Rajdoot Motorcycle then.  The accident resulted in the motorcycle resting in a corner of our garage.

A few weeks into this sedentary state of my motorcycle, Marina, very nonchalantly asked me whether she could ride it.  She until then was riding her moped and I never took her question very seriously.  I casually explained to her the gears, clutch, brake, accelerator etc and also the methodology to start and ride the motorcycle.

Little did I realise that she will take off immediately, but she did.  She was the champion athlete in her school days and had represented her district at Kerala State level – no mean achievement.  I did not appreciate that she was still enthralled by speed, now of a different variety.  That was it – like fish to water, she took on to driving the motorcycle and I, on to the pillion with my hand in a cast, fearing the worst for my hand that wasn’t in a cast!


8 thoughts on “Marina & Motorcycle

  1. A great post Reji.

    Enthralling to read the incident of Mrs Kudvath with the Bde Cdr’s wife on pillion overtaking the Cdr’s vehicle. I am sure you must have been left goggle eyed.

    I can understand your apprehensions about her taking off on the highway on a bike. But she could have worn higher heels, rather platform boots, to the bike shop. Hopefully both her feet would have simultaneously rested in the ground then.

    Best wishes to you both with your adventures.

    My regards to Mrs Kudvath. Take care buddy.

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  2. Reji, if you think the case is rested, you would be awfully wrong. The perseverance of a lady in following up, at regular intervals, something she desires is infinite. There will be many sequels to this story.

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  3. In Vakathanam we follow a a theory ” Accelerate can be used instead of break” – a concept difficult to understand by any outsiders. Accidents happened at a particular place at a particular time. By breaking you are changing that parameter. Another way to change it is by accelerating the vehicle. Try it if any one bold enough or ask Marina for a training.

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  4. Coincidentally, while I am reading this episode, my son in law, has met with a motorcycle accident and got one knee fractured. May be my daughter has the same thoughts as Marina.

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