Colonel Parimi Venkata Ramakrishna, the Lone Traveller

Floral Clock, Niagara

During this tough Covid time, I was in for a shock this evening – news of the demise of Colonel PV Ramakrishna, known amongst us – his friends – as Ramki.  He was from the  technical graduate entry and was commissioned to the Corps of Engineers with us on 24 December 1982.  He is survived by his daughters – Ms Neharika and Major Vimala. May the God Almighty give them the strength to bear the loss.

He was widowed soon after he hung his boots.  He then took to travelling across the globe and he landed at Toronto in August 2015 and stayed with us for ten days.  We explored the Niagara escarpment, the flower-pot islands, Toronto city, Montreal, Blue Mountains, African Lion Safari and so on.

With Nikhil at the Niagara Falls

As I write this eulogy, I’m still reeling from the tragic death of Ramki, we are shocked, scared and angered at the unfairness and senselessness of the Virus that took him from us. Well meaning people will tell us that it is all part of God’s plan, or that this was just Ramki’s time to go, that he is in a better place. While God certainly knows his plan, we do not. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers, and as difficult and painful as it is, we must accept that Ramki is with his Creator.

Ramki was a traveler and an adventurer. He was a person who loved to learn about and experience new places and other cultures. He carefully researched each of his journeys, , taking new and unexpected.

Flower-Pot Island – Tobermory

Ramki was an outstanding father who was very proud of his daughters and their achievements.  Whenever we spoke, he always had something to mention about both Neharika and Vimala.  He said in his last conversation with me last year to me “My greatest assets and treasures are my daughters and I have allowed them freedom to grow up to be worthwhile ladies and they have come out in flying colours always.  You have given much more freedom to your children and they will surely achieve greater heights.”

Rest in Peace Ramki – You can continue with your travel in the other world.

7 thoughts on “Colonel Parimi Venkata Ramakrishna, the Lone Traveller

  1. Thank you, for the touching eulogy Col Koduvath. Ramakrishna was my brother in law (Bhavani was my first cousin). Although I didn’t keep in touch with his girls after I left India, Ramki always kept in touch and visited us in Thailand and in the US. He was always full of energy and had this passion to see everything there is to see. My wife and kids really enjoyed his company, as he had this wonderful skill to connect at any level. His passing is truly a shock to us. May his soul Rest In Peace in my sister’s company.

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  2. What a powerful story. Yes, we dont know the creator’s plans and as we cant do much about it, the best available option is to gracefully (and helplessly) accept his wish.
    My deep condolences and best wishes to Neharika and Vimala. God bless you with more power and also the strenth to bear this irreparable loss bravely.

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  3. So terribly sorry and shocked hearing of Ramki’s passing …. may he find peace beyond.
    Our prayers for the daughters to shoulder the family mantle and do justice to their wonderful mother and Ramki’s legacy.

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